Hands, 2018, HD film with sound, 02.43

Hands, a film with sound,  shot against a back drop of the Inchicore College of Further Education modernist architecture.   Engaging the body to explore language and learning, gender identity, knowledge and power.  

Directed and edited by Susan Buttner. Videography, Gareth Stack. Performers; Danielle Gillick, Rachel Holmes. 

The relationship of art to architecture, with spaces of interaction and with everyday power, 2018, HD film with sound, 02.43 

Set within the Inchicore College of Further Education (built by Devane, O'Keefe Architects, 1953, influenced by iconic American architect Frank Lloyd Wright), this collaborative project engaged with 2nd year dance students, exploring performative methodologies, creating a synergy between sound, film, sculpture, figuration, movement and architecture.   .  


This project unfolded as a series of live performances and workshops and culminated in two films set against a back drop of a sculptural installation. 

Directed and edited by Susan Buttner. Videography, Gareth Stack.

Performers; Saoirse Doyle, Danielle Gillick, Claire Green, Rachel Holmes, Aoife Kane, Claudia Strutt.  

Special thanks to Donnchadh Clancy, Principal, Marian Lennon, Director of Dance and Linda Higgins, Dance tutor.


Yellow Ball, 2016, live performance and film, 02,44 

This research based project unfolded as a series of sculptural installations and performances, exploring bodily experiences of institutional force.