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ARRANGEMENTS- Small Nite Zine, Exhibition, 2019, photograph courtesy the Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin. 

TEXT/  ARRANGEMENTS- small night zine - Pallas Projects/Studios

35 Artists At Large experienced through screen-printed posters & letters (“Orphans”) & 6 collaborative zines. Curated by James Merrigan.

Bassam Al-Sabah, Ella Bertilsson & Ulla Juske, Susan Buttner, Dorje De Burgh, Stephen Dunne, *Lily Cahill & David Fagan, Child Naming Ceremony, *Jessica Conway & Catherine Barragry, *Laura Fitzgerald & Katharine Barrington, Damien Flood, Michelle Hall, Austin Hearne, Ann Maria Healy, Sinead Keogh, Mollie Anna King, *Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thompson aka Terminal Beach (invited by Katherine Waugh), Jonathan Mayhew, Angela McDonagh, Glenn McQuaid, Celina Muldoon, Frances O’Dwyer, *Alan Phelan & Philipp Gufler, Liliane Puthod, Chris Steenson, Frank Wasser, *Lee Welch & Paul Hallahan, *Collaborative zines

Supported by the Arts Council through the Visual Arts Project Award.

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