Buttner is currently working on a new body of work, 'would anybody know?',  which aims to influence and unpack complex social and cultural issues, the human condition, institutional failures, the Mother and Baby Homes, the female body, a contested site, historical and current.  This work, framed within a social contemporary and rooted in forms of collaboration and dialogue will see the artist inviting individuals and groups of people, to share their vulnerability and experience. Through the development of this work, the artist attempts to reposition those who are often unheard, to help raise social and cultural issues, to collaborate with individuals and groups of people who have direct experiences of vulnerability. Working collaboratively with a performance/dancers and videographers, engaging text and sound, this body of work will culminate in a performance film, a bodily response to sculptures and expanded paintings, an installation (made over a 6 month period).  

Apri 2021; Recipient of the Fingal County Council Bursary Award. This award will provide the resources for research and development of  a new body of work, 'would anybody know?'.

Upcoming Exhibitions


Luan Gallery, the artist is working towards a solo exhibition September 2021 (date to be confirmed).

PLATFORM 21 Exhibition at the Draíocht Gallery (group exhibition with Susan Buttner, Ellen Duffy, John Rainey and 

Katherine Sankey. (date to be confirmed).

Sept 2021; will see Buttner on residency at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre, gaining on-site experience,

focusing on research and making,  working with concrete, jesmonite and wax. 

Dec 2020; Susan is delighted to be a recipient of the Fingal County Council Loughshinny Residency Award.

Nov 2020; Buttner is extremely grateful to be recipient of the Arts Council Ireland Visual Arts Bursary Award 2020,  This award provides the artist with the resources to engage in an extended period of research and development within her practice. 

Jun 2020Recipient of the Fingal County Council Residency Bursary Award.  This award will provide the resources for research and develop of the artists practice, whilst on residency at the Draíocht Gallery. 

Jun 2020; Notes on Artistic Agility by curator Maja Ciric. 

Jun 2020; Launching online, ‘metamorphosis’ dialogues I sculpt, eventually static, this thing a sort of self, HD video with sound. Made in response to COVID19 lockdown. This work was made with support from the Arts Council of Ireland COVID RESPONSE AWARD.  

Jun 2020; Buttner is delighted to be one of the Highly Commended Recipients of the Inaugural Janet Mullarney Prize, Highlanes Gallery. Curated by Joy Gerrard, Sean Kissane, Jermoe O’Driscoil at the Highlanes Gallery.