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Susan Buttner, Collapse of Narrative, 2016, installation photograph, courtesy the artist, Eblana House Gallery, Dublin. 

TEXT/  Collapse of Narrative Exhibition, Live Performance

The objective of this project was to work with Eblana House to embrace its current structural state, recognize its position as a government building and develop a site-specific installation, shifting it from institutional to social space.   

The work engages with the relationship of art to the forces of globalization and capitalism and the state of

fragility and the imbalance that evokes. Buttner builds structures as part of a live performance, random objects were adapted using opportunistic techniques, balance, tension, weight, form, and line.  Temporality and collapse were key factors.  The viewer was invited to interrupt the frame, collapse the art, choose objects or partial objects and re-appropriate the space, creating a common experience. 

Buttner acknowledges and takes the responsibility of the place and time of its intervention, accepts its limitations, and argues that art we make in the present time, that is formulated in specific moments of intervention investigates the status of the artwork, the notion of the collapse of narrative, and the significance of using live performance art within the community, creating dialogue.  


This work form part of the graduate exhibition at NCAD was selected for RDS Visual Art Awards 2016 Exhibition, curated for Alice Maher. 


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