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Susan Buttner, Combination Of Disquiet Faux, 2022, HD video  01.40 min with sound. 



Combinations of Disquiet Faux seeks to address complexity and confront climate change challenges in ways that are provocative and engaging, opening up a dialogue with climate crisis and with the female body in the modern Irish landscape.  Evoking moments of friction and mutation, sculptures and paintings are uncanny, fetishised and playful, blurring the line between human and nonhuman. Utilising performance methodologies, material gesture and sound as constructive material, creating relationality between aesthetic localism, (anchored in a particular place), ways of being in the world. The female body, symbolic, fists clenched taught with anger, repeatedly striking, as humankind continue to usurp their control over nature creating havoc with the earth. The artist attempts to reveal the importance of thinking about climate crisis related to the feminist epistemological position, that regards knowledge as derived from social practice, that recognises the different power dynamics, gender, class and race that affect people’s experiences of climate change. Buttner invited small groups of people to a series of open studio days to engage in open conversation, to explore the relations between human and nonhuman actors shape and are shaped by their broader socio-political context. To explore how we can make an informed shift in our human relationship with nature, away from the practice of treating the earth as inert and disposable. Taking responsibility for our part in climate crisis, exploring alternative, individual and collective ways to consider ideas of humans, nonhumans, plants, care, repair and healing of the earth. 

Special thanks to performer Liz McDermott, to Matt Grove for the original soundscape and to Fingal County Council Artists Support Scheme Award which helped facilitate the research and the making of this body of work. 

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