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Susan Buttner, Spatial-Temporal Gesture, 2020, video still,  Our Thriving Tribe, photograph courtesy the artist, (OTT) @VisualCarlow. 

TEXT/ Spatial-Temporal Gesture, 2020


Buttner, transforms her interpretation of gesture, into a spatial-temporal gesture structure, creating an environment that virtulises a project of interactive viewer behaviors.  This work considers how Gesture can be an unconventional, de-authorised form of action, locating the body, at the interface between linguistic and performance, the gesture becomes event, motion and stillness a decomposition of the speech act.


Artists' interpretation of digital documentation in relation to a gesture. Commissioned by Juliette Harvey Co-Curator, Our Thriving Tribe (OTT), Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurial Hubs (AHEH), Imagining Futures @VisualCarlow

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