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Susan Buttner, PeripheriesOpen Exhibition, 2018, installation photograph, courtesy Michael Warren Gallery 

TEXT/  PeripheriesOPen Exhibition 

Periphery Exhibition, Michael Warren Gallery. Curated by Paul Carter, Anne Hendrick, James Merrigan, Emma Roche. 


Featuring work from 28 of the most exciting emerging artists, including 5 powerful filmmakers, working in Ireland today. On the opening night, "Arena" by Paraic McGloughlin will be played on loop in our dedicated cinema. Created using Google Earth imagery, Arena takes a brief look at the earth from above, based on the shapes we make, the game of life, our playing ground.

Susan Buttner, Daniel Balteneau, Linda Bhreathnaach, Orla Bates, Joanne Boyle, Helen g Blake,Ella Bertilsson & Ulla, Juske, Rory byrne, Daniel Coleman, Robert Dunne, Ann Ensor, Noelle Gallagher, Kevin Gaynor, Helena Gorey, Ali Kemal & Eimear Boyed, Austin Hearne, Steve Kenny, Bernadette Kiely, Brian Kinsella, David Lunney, Paraic McGloughlin, Jonathan Mayhew, David Monaghan, Bennie Reilly, Ceri Ryan , Philip Sheils , Hanneke Van Ryswyk, Eric Van Kampen, Lee Welch.

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